Mer379…….Killer Podcast

Gloom and Doom for 2009
Is killin good?
Spider Baby a crazy ass movie….watch it!
I am deaf as hell.
Would you kill someone if it was leagel?
Call 614-917-0089 to comment.

Podcast HERE


~ by zillacast on January 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “Mer379…….Killer Podcast”

  1. Dude what did you do to your ear?

  2. I was born!
    It is all genetic so nuthin I could of done to prevent it.
    Just born with bad ears.

  3. I thought you might have gotten something stuck in there.

  4. No it was not a penis in the ear damage : )

  5. This is Zilla, if this was Cheryl Merkowski then I know it could have been because something was stuck in there.

  6. Oh, great. Now we’re gonna have to start using that damn relay service with you.
    (Watch it bitch, my sister is deaf so I know ASL and can read lips.)

    Seriously though, hope you’re OK.

  7. I am doing well and doc said he does not think I will have any hearing loss from this chop job!

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